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Pilanesberg National Park - Dawn to Dusk Safari
Prices for Pilanesberg National Park -  Rates to 31 Dec 2017
I am a small specialist owner/operator based by choice mainly at Mogwase, Pilanesberg.
If you have limited time and want to max it, then have a look, especially if you only have the 1 time in Africa.
After 14 years I'm still the only private safari operator that does open - close, and that is able to have you at the gate when it opens...and it is pretty vital!

Understand that cats sleep in the day, so it pretty much follows that if you don"t find lion before 8h00, then you probably won't during the rest of the day. Even Google and Wiki knows this! It is no use getting to the Park late. Do it properly or otherwise rather go to the Rhino and Lion Park... If you don't fancy getting up at 2h30, look at the split day option below - it just makes sense to overnight the night before at Pilanesberg, and if possible get a late afternoon drive in as well.!

2 Jan 2011 - TT, the only surviving female of the Eastern Pride after Barrel was killed by the Central Pride females in 2009, taking out an orphaned Zebra foal @ 11h30 to feed her 2 7 month old cubs. I saw her growing up, and even saw her as a youngster getting kicked in the ribs when she went for a zebra.
why you should go to Pilanesberg with me... !

Definite Dates 2017: Most dates not here are available.

My Schedule:
Open to Close in the Park; with lunch midday-ish... normally 11 of 12,5 hours in the Park viewing; 1h more in summer, 1h less in winter. Please do not mail me and ask me for the schedule - this is it. It totally depends on what the animals allows us to do....
Guest House (en suite) overnight option - split day with 2 x 5 hour drives - see below

My "normal" day tour: 13,5 hours in the park summer, 11,5 hours in winter
Departures Nov - Feb half an hour earlier, May - Aug half an hour later!
Included: Early 3.30am transfer, entrances, a no nonsense experienced guide that has done just under 10 000 hours in Pilanesberg over the last 13 years, use of binoculars.
Excluded: All meals, drinks and snacks. We normally only stop for lunch at about midday.
If picked up from a Lodge, Hotel or Guest House please remember to ask in advance for a breakfast pack!

Payment: All bookings - Though I have long stated a non refundable deposit of R1000pp by EFT or Paypal if requested, balance before drive, cash in ZAR. I have actually never asked for it except once. However, after 14 +years doing Pilanesberg, this is changing as of right now November 2016. I've just had my 3rd cancellation ever - I just don't get cancellations. Clients book me as they have the absolute best experience with me, and they understand that. Now I don't mind a cancellation, but when it seriously inconveniences me, then I do mind. So deposits will be R1000pp, or 50%, or the cost I will incur (as an extra charge )to be able to do the Pilanesberg trip whichever is the highest. Add local bank charges of 2% for cash or 5% for Paypal. no credit cards. International money transfers in ZAR, add R150 per transfer.

Just a word of wisdom here. I don't lock dates till you book, and have always honoured dates once locked. If you then decide to change your flights without asking me first, and I can't help you, you will lose this deposit. I've always been willing to help, and have sorted out over 20 clients over the last 14 years that had delayed & missed flights at no extra charge, as I could help. In the case above it was the 1st time I wasn't able to do so.
So take travel insurance (as you should) to cover this deposit in case your plans change and I can't assist.

Split day option:
Pick up Jo'burg 10h00, Pretoria 11h00, arriving PB 13h00, 2 x 5 hour drives, last 5 and 1st 5 hours, then lunch (excl.) Depart PB 13h00, back Pretoria 15h00, Jo'burg 15h30. Add Guest House (en suite): R650 single, R750 - R800/room double/twin extra.

Rates up to 31 Dec 2017 cash in ZAR on the day, no credit cards
I don't negotiate on rates, only on schedule. If you want quality, be prepared to pay for it. If you want to save a few Euros, please go with someone else.
The rate for departures from PB for 2+pax have dropped 3x, as I'm based mostly at the Park now. Singles from PB is the same as 6 years ago..
Individual Pilanesberg bookings: If other clients; you will get the 2+ person rate, subject to the same transfer/s both ways.

The only late flight is KLM departing about 23h00 if you want to max your day.

5h drive from/at Pilanesberg*
Full day drive from/at Pilanesberg*
From Johannesburg/Pretoria #
Rate in ZA Rand
Rate in ZA Rand
Add return transfer if needed
No Luggage
3800 - 4500
3800 - 4500
3800 - 4500
3800 - 4500

Private drives - R4 000 for 3,5h, R5 000 for 5 h, R8 000 full day. Note I don't do 3 h drives, 3 h is too short. My shortest drives is 4 h in the am, 3,5 h in the pm.

*Add a once off charge, total per drive, not per person: Pickup from
Manyane, Mogwase or 2nd inside Manyane gate (Bosele gate) - no charge
Kwa Maritane Lodge/Sun City/Bakgatla - R200
Bakubung, Kingdom Resort - R300
Sundown Ranch - R400
Kedar Country Lodge - R600

* Extra time on request at R200pp/hour pro rata per 15 min or parts thereof
, with a minimum of R300/h and a maximum of R600/h. Shorter morning drives will get a 10 minute free extension, once over the pro rata hourly rate applies from the 1st minute - it is applicable when we exit the gate. 99% of the time you will want to stop for this or that, and you are most welcome to - just pay for that time. If I run late from my side then no charge of course. If from both sides we will split the time pro rata.

# Transfers - I do get charged an extra R500 per one way transfer by the 2 transfer operators I use for before 7 am and for after 5 pm, so sometimes I will do the transfers myself.

More affordable options:
The reality is that a transfer between Johannesburg & Pretoria to Sun City and Pilanesberg is expensive. It is expensive for the transfer operator as well - fuel, wear and tear, driver, insurance's, overheads and depreciation on vehicles all add up. Just Google it and you will get rates around R1850 to R3100 one way! I have 2 operators giving it to me at R1850 one way and will pass that on to you if you are doing a drive with me, but please keep in mind that this is subject to availability. This is not available to you if you just want a transfer, and their normal individual rates are actually higher. I believe my return transfer rates for up to 4 pax are priced the best, as per this link. Affordable transfers logically books out 1st, and you are most welcome to use the main Operator based at Sun City - - Let me save you the time; OR Tambo to SC one way 2017 - 1 -2 pax @ R2500, plus R220pp for every additional, from 1 Dec 2017 @ 1 - 2 pax @ R2750, plus R240pp for every additional pax

1. Car rental.
1 pax - est @R1600 (car+ acc) plus R4400 trip = R6000, also save 1 night acc Jo'burg
2 pax - est @R1750 (car+ acc) plus R6000 trip = R7750, also save 1 night acc Jo'burg


Pilanesberg Dawn to Dusk Safaris from Johannesburg, Pretoria, Pilanesberg and Sun City

Picture Gallery 2011 & after
Picture Gallery 2010
Picture Gallery 2009
Picture Gallery 2008
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Picture Gallery 2005
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It's alphabetical - so save us both time.... and if not on here I will put it up!

Accommodation in the Park only: Staying Friday or Saturday you have to pay for 2 nights min.

Accommodation in and around Sun City. Staying Friday or Saturday you have to pay for 2 nights min.

Accommodation Specials at Pilanesberg

Accommodation at Sun City Vacation Club

Airport at Pilanesberg

Animal studies in Pilanesberg

Bakgatla Resort

Bakubung Bush Lodge

Balloon Safaris: In Pilanesberg National Park -  R4 750pp - 1 hour, minimum 4 pax!

Binoculars needed

Bird list

Black Rhino Game Lodge

Buffalo in the Park

Camping - book direct at 014 555 1000, don't be surprised if you hold 15 minutes and then get cut off.

Cancellation Terms and Conditions

Car Rental

Commission offered to booking agents

Condition of the Veld

Dangers in Pilanesberg

Disclosures: About vehicles used for Pilanesberg and other

Directions - see map

Elephant Back safaris in Pilanesberg.

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Friends of Pilanesberg Society - Volunteers helping to maintain the Park.

Gate Times for Pilanesberg National Park

Geology of Pilanesberg National Park

Highlights seen in Pilanesberg the last 2 years:
Don't expect something like this or the animals to stand next to the road waiting.  It's not a Zoo!

History of Pilanesberg National Park

Idiot Gallery - Stunts pulled in Pilanesberg National Park by the mentally challenged.  Other tour operators are welcome to contribute - I will give you recognition except if you don't want it!

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Weather and Climate for Pilanesberg area

What can you hope to see in Pilanesberg?

When to go to Pilanesberg: best time etc

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